Nightwing – Origin of a Star from the book of Superheroes!


Hello Everybody! Let’s figure out some interesting facts about the upcoming movie Nightwing! Nightwing is an amazingly sketched fictional superhero appearing in American comic books from the 19th century. He appeared in various incarnations and his role is played by Dick Grayson after the rejection from the role of Batman’s friend Robin. Nightwing is first depicted in the story, “Superman in Kandor” in January 1963. 

This upcoming movie is directed by Chris McKay who properly knows how to add humorous flicks and actions in the movies. He also directed The Lego Batman and Robot Chicken Movie.

An Amazing News

We all are familiar with the superhero Batman. Isn’t it?

Well, the Nightwing was first seen with Batman. In this upcoming movie, the director will explore the differences between Nightwing and Batman. We all will see the conflict on their natural differences, powers, physic, and will also see the origination story of Nightwing. 

Nightwing – Origin of a Star from the book of Superheroes!

Batman has a kind of cold and reclusive nature with better fighting capabilities whereas Nightwing is extremely outgoing and has less baggage. So, if your one crazy fan of superheroes, this series should be in you must watch list to get to know more differences between the two superheroes and being closer to the characters.


Do you know, Nightwing costume was a high-tech incredibly designed suit specially created for his high-flying acrobatic style. 

In September 2018, one cover page was released in which Nightwing wearing his amazing, astonishing blue color costume with weapons which seriously takes the heart of each, and every fan. The costume was sketched by Kenneth Rocafort and named Nightwing #48. Frankly, I am very excited to watch this movie!

What About Airing!

We all have seen Nightwing with Batman but now as per the demands of the audience, he will perform solo in DCEU film. In 2017 Warner Bros. mimicked about the creation of solo movie of Nightwing and scriptwriting was also started by Bill Dubuque but after some time all this news stayed for a while. So, maybe the movie will release in the year 2021 or 2022 as it’s quite impossible this year due to the present stage of the world.                                                                                                    

According to the ongoing crispy gossips, the release of this movie is pretty sure, but when is not answered by the director yet!     


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