No more action movies for Jackie Chan?


Jackie Chan’s action films were primarily the ones that gained him immense fame in the cinema in the United States. However, it’s been a long time we’ve got to witness those types of films. What is the exact reason behind this? The Chinese actor and director revealed his reason behind not kicking and punching again with his infamous style of martial arts. 

There’s no doubt in the fact that we’re now seeing Jackie Chan playing the most serious roles in his career after having a great history on the big screen since 1962. Everyone hopes to see him as that kung fu fighter but despite the fact, he is not willing to play those sorts of roles in action cinema. 

Jackie Chan explained that he wants his viewers to see and explore every facet of Jackie Chan. He mentioned the fact that he is an actor making action movies and not someone who is a prominent action movie star. In an interview with Movie Web, the Hong Kong-born artist revealed that he doesn’t like repeating the same thing over and over again and one’s wish to explore different roles is understandable, especially when you’re working in a creative field like acting.


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