No more characters to return to The Conjuring 3

Source: Digital Spy

Reunion of Ed and Lorraine Warren is likely to happen with The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. However, we cannot go on expecting such things, especially returns from The Conjuring Universe. The highly-anticipated third movie of The Conjuring franchise will have Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprising their roles as the real-life duo whose life gets upside down with certain haunted incidences.

Digital Spy got a chance to talk to director Michael Chaves at a press preview event for The Conjuring 3 and this is where he explained that, “It is totally new. There is no surprise returns. I think that was honestly what I was most excited about with this. They have never faced this kind of villain before. This is a very different and new direction for the series. It is set in 1981, it is the furthest in their careers that we have seen them, it is the most futuristic of the Conjuring films.”

Source: Digital Spy

Generating more excitement among the audience, he further continued saying that, “This is the deep backdrop, but it is set against the dawn of the Satanic Panic and also taking the Warrens out into the world. One of the things the other films have not touched on is Lorraine Warren actually worked with police departments and detectives on missing person cases and so much so that other psychics and clairvoyants started working with detectives to the point where the department of justice issued a handbook on working with psychics.”

He then stated that, “This is the beginning of that era where you had psychics working in the world, you had the Satanic Panic in the backdrop and this is like that seedling of that era.”


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