We all know that the world has shut down for more than six months in the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and now it’s the time for us to move on. Movie theatres are among those buildings that have been affected worse by the pandemic.

But the theatres have a hope to bounce back firmly and to attract the confined audiences with some crackling blockbusters which include “Mulan”, “Tenet’, and “No Time To Die”. 

What’s next?

The pandemic has seriously brought every industry on its knees. Few are about to close in some months and few in a year. Same with the theatres all over the world, they need a grand reopening so that they can earn the revenues to survive.

The Release of “Tenet” has left the box office dismay. It’s been more than a month but the situation becomes worse for the exhibition sector. Along with other movies, “No Time To Die” has pushed its release back in April 2021 in a hope that the vaccine will be widely available in the market and the pandemic will come down.

One of the largest exhibitors in the world, Cine world has recently announced the closing of its playhouses, citing the lack of big releases on the screen. Other exhibitors may make the same announcements.

What is the point of John Fithian?

 Gov. Andrew Cuomo is being blamed by the head of the National Association of Theatres John Fithian for hampering the growth of playhouses. Gov. Andrew has decided to close the theatres for an indefinite time.

The head asked the studios to keep releasing the movies during the pandemic and warned without any government, the industry faces a set-back. Fithian admitted in an interview with Variety. Gov. Andrew’s decision may affect the outcomes of blockbusters “Wonder Woman 1984” and “Soul” a movie by Pixar.

The exhibition industries are giving a point that malls, restaurants, gyms, churches are opened then why not the theatres, well the logic from exhibitors fits. Moreover, seeing the importance of New York and Mexico as a major box office, which play important role in shaping culture are the only two states that are closed for movie showing.

They said they are ready to follow every health protocol but they demand to reopen the theatres.

Stay safe and stunned with us for any further details.


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