Normal People star to appear in BBC’s new drama and this is something new for her!

Source: The New York Times

Normal People’s Leah McNamara, Captain America’s Toby Jones and Derry Girls’ Anthony Boyle would be joining hands for their new project Danny Boy. This new BBC drama would be premiering this week and fans seem to be extremely excited to witness the same. Boyle would be playing the character of a real-life soldier Brian Wood who had been falsely accused by human rights lawyer Paul Shiner (played by Toby Jones) of war crimes in Iraq.

McNamara who is well-known for her character Rachel in the hit BBC and Hulu adaptation of Sally Rooney’s book, Three, would be taking up the role of Brian’s wife Lucy. Talking about this role, the actress has explained that it would be a bit different than her other experiences. The role is a bit intrinsic this time and we cannot wait to witness any further.

When asked about what exactly compelled her in taking up the role, she said that she really fell in love with the tone of the character. She said that, “Lucy as a person – she is really kind, and she has much love to give. She is incredibly selfless with her actions. I definitely looked forward to playing someone English, because my lasy two roles before this have been Irish – and probably more on the more antagonistic side of things.”

She further continued saying that, “So it was really nice to play someone who was a lot warmer and a lot gentler as a personality. I’d never played a mum before, which was such a privilege and was a whole new world to learn about – playing a mum. Mums are so incredible. They really don’t get enough credit. That was really different for me.”


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