Now You See Me 3: Will the four Horsemen include Woody Harrelson.


 Because of Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer, we will now be able to see ‘Now You See Me’ season three. He made the announcement favoring its making. The development and production of season three are yet to be confirmed by Lionsgate Studio. Some good news for the fan is that actor from Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch will play a pivotal role in season three of the Now You See Me franchise.

Top Gun: Maverick’s co-writer Eric Warren Singer has been hired to write the script for the third season. An Oscar-nominated for his works on American Hustle, Eric Warren Singer has been assigned the task to bring new characters into Now You See Me 3 along with creating new work for the old cast. The project will be supervised by Aaron Edmonds and Meredith Wieck for Lionsgate.

As said by President of the Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Eric is talented and fascinating with the fine art of deception while creating illusions to make a good story. With such great and fine work the great mythological story of Now You See Me, he had approached us. The President also added that the franchise has been taking care to surprise the audience with some new magical tricks like any good magician would do. Eric and his team have pulled up their socks to create and bring something new to the table.

Now You See Me 3: Will the four Horsemen include Woody Harrelson.

We will get to see Dylan (Mark Ruffalo), Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), Merritt (Woody Harrelson), and Jack (Dave Franco) as returning of Four Horsemen in Now You See Me 3 along with Thaddeus (Morgan Freeman), who was shown as a key member of the Eye will most likely return in the movie. Also, Isla Fisher will be seen as Henley in the upcoming film and Lizzy Caplan’s Lula May will be an added advantage in Fisher’s absence. 

There is no official trailer sequence teaser available from the makers as of now. And Woody Harrelson as of now is a part of the four horsemen returning.  We will connect with you once we have more insight on the same.


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