NYC Woman Asserts Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Gagged, Self-controlled And Sexually Assaulted’ Her


A woman from Manhattan has asserted that she was sexually assaulted and gagged by Ghislaine Maxwell. Before Jeffrey Epstein connected in on the attack as per the interview issued Sunday.

The latest accuser knew by the pseudonym Samantha shared that she was violently attacked after she mustered a teenage friend for the notorious pedophile and told her to lie that she was 16 years old. 

She claimed that she was then sent for Epstein’s Manhattan mansion where British media successor Maxwell took her to a massage room and initiated shouting about her situation. 

She knew that she had a ball gag in the mouth and back and she was raping her with a sex toy and moreover, she asserted of the supposed attack when she was a student. 

She had taken my clothes off and the things happened so quickly and I was stunned. She was using the sex toy on me and on herself too after that she called in Epstein and he joined and calling it traumatizing. 

I was petrified and I could not do anything to stop them. Also, she recalled her $300 she gave me and said never think about going to the authorities because you will not be in sense to see the day in court and kind of things. As per the reports given by Samantha. 

Who earlier avoided Epstein abuse oneself while she gave him $400 massage in hand. In the years 1993 and 1994. So that is the last time she saw the pair. 

When they were completed and when the things were over I stepped out there as another person. I was in trauma that the abuse has changed my life completely. It left to run away the big Apple to be a sex worker in Los Angeles.


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