Obi-Wan Kenobi series release date, cast, trailer, plot

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The sensation performance of Ewan McGregor in divisive Star Wars prequels was of long praise for his fans out there and now fans are much ecstatic about the fact that Ewan McGregor is finally going to recur his former role of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Fans were much awaited of his retrieval in his former Star Wars character.

Release date:

Filmmaker or production doesn’t have affirmed the release date yet, rather the shooting is going to afoot from March 2021.

Based on the decision, we can predict that its shooting timetable hasn’t lagged due to the COVID-19 outbreak but is scheduled by the production itself. As per the information and data, we went through, we can reasonably expect this series to be aired around early or mid-2022.

Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy stated in The Wrap that the upcoming star wars series is going to be limited and won’t consist of multiple seasons. 


According to the leaks, the role of Anakin Skywalker (later known as Darth Vader) will be reprised by former actor Hayden Christensen but for limited series. Such a happening could forefront to another Homeric battle between the former pals and further transforming their friendship into bitter rivals.

Soon the fresh details are going to unveil as the production has added the latest being that Carnival Row alum Indira Varma and Game of Thrones has joined the cast of star wars series as a concealed character to ramp-up their series.

Rumored that Ahsoka Tano, the Anakin’s padawan learner from an animated series, Clone Wars could make an appearance in the upcoming series on behalf of Rosario Dawson. 


Yet, no such trailer has been revealed as the shooting will going to commence from March 2021. But the news was confirmed by the tweet from the Star War Twitter account, exhibiting the first look of the show’s logo. 

Filming of this Star Wars series will commence soon with our very own Disney characters. This series will be aired as a part of the Disney Plus series set 10 years after ensued destruction of the Jedi’s order. Scarce the plot details at the writing interim, as this Star Wars series is a standard project in nature, no such compelling details were revealed that time.


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As Obi-Wan Kenobi is going to come back after 10 years after the revenge of Sith, where we last saw Obi-Wan watching over the secret child of Darth Vader, named Tatooine. 

Plot details available are relatively less, but Kenobi will face off against his fallen apprentice once again.

But all these question are still unanswered that, Why Kenobi is so familiar with Mos? Why Kenobi in a new hope named himself ‘Ben Kenobi’? What mysteries did he come across after keeping his eye on Tatooine?

To get all answers to all your questions stay tuned with our website.


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