October series and movie premieres: from ‘The Curse of Bly Manor’ to ‘Under the skin’


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Luck once again is in the favor of horror series fans. Mike Flanagan has decided to amuse and spook the fans by creating the American television horror series “The Haunting of Bly Manor”, starring Victoria Pedretti and Oliver Jackson Cohen in the main lead. It will get premiered under the shadow of Netflix on 9 October 2020.

It is the second anthology of the series “The Haunting”, “The Haunting of the hill house” being the first one. The story loosely has been adapted from Henry James’ novel “The turn of the screw”. 

The story of “The haunting of Bly Manor” starts when a man who was living with his nephew and niece in the country premises and because of his busy life, he employs a young nanny to look after them.

This is the story of a nanny who put her life on the edge to save the kids. The plot of the story starts when the nanny starts to see some ghost appearances and shadows of Bly Manor in the villa. Who are they?

What did they want? Why are they under the premises? You will get the answer to all the questions when giving a chance to this second anthropology. 

You can have a glimpse here: 

In the same way, one more piece of work by the London film industry is going to play its luck in Hollywood. “Under my Skin”, a dramatic independent film is going to get premiered on 29 October 2020 at London’s Raindance Film Festival.

This is a complicated love story revolving around a free-spirited artist, Danny, and a corporate lawyer, Raynen but as every love story is incomplete without the love test, the love is tested in their love life when Danny started to inspect about her gender identity. The character of the young couple is played by Victoria Pedretti and Alex Russel respectively. 

The efforts put by Danny and Raynen in the movie is fabulous because it is not easy for any actor to the role of the person who is suffering from non-binary and trans-non-binary gender doubt.

The film gave the chance to Australian writer-director David O’Donnell to make the movie. If talked about producers, Russell and O’Keefe are going to produce the film.

Every love story lover should give a try to this movie!!!


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