Office Hacks: Everything You Need to Know About PDF/A


It cannot be denied that PDF is one of the most widely-used file formats across many industries. Most professionals prefer to use PDF to present their documents and files to their constituents. One of the many reasons is the file’s accessibility. It’s very user-friendly that you can access or open the file using any device including mobile phones and tablets.

With the fast-paced lifestyle that the world is living in now, it’s important to use file formats that can keep up with the change. Luckily, PDF offers such features. To make sure that the businesses who use PDF are keeping an industry-standard quality for all their documents, Adobe also produced an ISO-certified document-keeping format in the form of PDF/A.

What is PDF/A?

PDF/A or Portable Document Format/Archiving is a file format designed for long-term archiving. It aims to preserve electronic documents with higher quality and standards. The goal is to keep the aesthetic and authentic attributes of documents to make them appear like the original document. It is best to use for regular PDF documents, digital images, emails, and spreadsheets. It also uses optical character recognition (OCR) software, which means that even if you scan a document and save it as an image, you will be able to edit the contents like word processing software.

How to convert PDF to PDF/A?

Not all tools can directly convert a file to PDF/A. Luckily, you can easily convert your existing PDF to PDFA using an online PDF tool such as PDFBear. It’s a web-based platform that allows you to modify and manage your PDF documents such as editing, converting, and merging files. One of the advantages of using this tool is that you no longer need to install or download anything on your computer.

All you need to do is to open a browser and access their website. Once you are already on the homepage, you just need to select the feature that says PDF to PDF/A. It will then route you to another page where you need to follow 4 simple steps:


Upload the PDF file that you want to convert. You can use the Drag & Drop option or you can select the file from your computer.


Once selected, the tool will automatically scan your file and give you a preview of how the pages will look like. 


Choose the option to Convert once you are ready and you’re done making necessary changes and adjustments.


After 2 minutes, or depending on the size of your file, you will have a converted PDF/A file of the document. You can download the new file and save it on your computer or you can share the link and the PDF/A.

As easy as that. It’s a convenient, plug-and-play tool for all your PDF documents. It is compatible on all devices, much like PDF documents, which means you can access and use their website on your computer, tablets, and smartphones. It also works on all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Additionally, it is also compatible with all browsers.

Online PDF tools such as PDFBear also use high-end security software. It means that all your information and documents you upload online are protected. All these items will be deleted on their server an hour after processing it. You will have peace of mind using their tool.

Why should you convert to PDF/A?

Of course, if PDFs are working perfectly on your end, you might ask why do you still need to use PDF/A. The answer is that is because PDF/A is a superior form of document-keeping. It is used by some of the biggest companies worldwide. Here are some more advantages of using PDF/A:

Accessible on different platforms

While it is a superior file format, PDF/A is not platform-dependent. Adobe makes sure that you will still have ease of access when using this file format. It is not dependent on a particular viewer or editor. You can use any PDF reader available in the market. Additionally, it can also be accessed on Mac and Windows operating systems.

It is more secure

More people use this file format, especially big companies. Because of that, you can be sure that the contents of your PDF/A document will not easily be edited or accessed. In cases where you need to secure your file, you can still encrypt a password to make sure that no one else will have access to your file. It is also secured from any software encryption such as a virus that corrupts your file, especially if it has large details.

It is industry standard

As mentioned above, PDF/A is an ISO-standard file which means that it is made with certain standards. Using it means getting the most out of a document format.

It lasts a long time

PDF is not the type of software that usually updates or upgrades. However, it is not a bad thing. It’s actually a positive attribute because you don’t need to worry about file compatibility. This feature is still true with PDF/A. You don’t need to worry about accessing an old file without updating its format. PDF/A will still be ready to use even after a decade.

It supports metadata

If you are into digital marketing, you are familiar with the importance of metadata in a document. It is the information encrypted on a specific document to make sure that it is SEO-friendly. If you are using PDF to publish documents online, it’s best to use PDF/A instead. In that way, search engines will recognize your documents because PDF/A supports rich metadata.

It creates perfect conversions

While PDF already mimics a great quality of your documents and files when converted, PDF/A aims to top that. As much as possible, PDF/A would like to have the authenticity of your document just like the original. It creates digital signatures and additional security to make sure that your files are legitimate.

PDFBear: Convert to PDF/A today!

Make sure to get the most out of your PDF documents. Consider converting your files to PDF/A and take advantage of all the benefits. We hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to visit to know more!


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