On Mother’s day Announcement, Louisa Lytton reveals that she is expecting her first baby

source: the sun

EastEnders actress Louisa Lytton has announced that she expects her first child on Mother’s Day.

The actor who plays Ruby Allen with the BBC’s soap posted her good news and lodged it with a heartfelt word in an adorable video.

32-year-old Lytton filmed a notecard opening her front phrase “Simply a small note to say” and “A baby’s on the way,” that had been printed on the inside. 

The video also featured Ben Bhanvra, her husband, who pointed to her baby bump, Bhanvra reading a Pregnancy book For Men, and the dog wearing a sleeve that said that its parents are getting it a human.

source: my London

She captioned her picture, which said, “Dear Mum, If I am a fraction of the mother you are, I know I’ll be the best. You have held my hand for 32 years. You have taught me right from wrong, corrected my spelling, and helped me see the light at the end of every single tunnel. And now you will guide me in becoming a mummy. (Just try not to move yourself in, or Ben might leave. Happy Mother’s Day All, to those here that are not with us in person but with us every moment and to those on a journey. L xx”

The actress’ show’s costars were amongst the first people to congratulate her on sharing such good news.

“To squeeze you, bubba, I cannot wait. My little one’s having a little one.” Brooke Kinsella, who was used to playing Kelly Taylor on the soap.

“Oh, my God! Congratulations! I’m so glad for You! Gurlaine Kaur Garcha, who plays the character of Ash Kaur!

“Congratulations,” wrote Clair Norris, who plays Bernadette Taylor. It’s lovely.”

She posted on Instagram that she was still nervous about getting her wedding dress in the shop still because she was nervous about collecting it. After all, she wasn’t sure if marriages would be ahead this year. Lytton and Bhanvra were engaged in 2019 and earlier this year.


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