On The Rocks – Bill and Sofia’s Excellent New York Adventure!


Hello Buddies! Each one of us gets bored in this quarantine life, but we’ll vanish your boredom and make your mood ping-pong. Today, we’re back with a chinchillas comedian show named ‘On the Rocks,’ which is a brand new American show scripted and directed by Sofia Coppola.

Almost all shows describe the relationship of husband-wife or girlfriend-boyfriend but this show put a glance on the funny and cute relationship of daughter and father.

Reviews by Critics!

As the premiere was out, the film was also out, then critics must have given reviews to the zany, adventurous and emotionally jagged film. Yes, R3aders, critics praised and loved the movie a lot and according to Rotten Tomatoes, the film hold an approval rating of 89% and on Metacritic also it got generally favorable reviews. Some people praised the film and give positive reviews whereas A.A.

Dowd of the A.V. Club gave the film B and calls it weak among Coppola’s work. So, friends these are just ups and downs of the work, but you don’t forget to watch out this humorous movie on 23rd October on Apple TV+. Sometimes a light, comfortable movie will also be watched, which will relax our mind and increase the serotonin level.

About the Storyline!

A Brand-Spanking neurotic New York comedy is set in a privileged and sophisticated world where a young strong headed woman Laura, thinks she’s happily married with two daughters but when her husband started coming late from the office and loves to spend more and more time in the office with his new co-worker.

Laura begins to feel insecure and possessive about her husband and goes to the only man she loved the most i.e., her charming and impulsive father. Laura boggled her husband and both daughter-father duo starts digging inside the situation, and begins prowling New York at night which will be very interesting and mysterious to watch!

What about its airing!

On the Rocks, is the first film produced under the partnership with entertainment company A24, which had its world premiere at the New York Film Festival on 22nd September 2020.

The humorous dramatic movie was aired in limited theaters on 2nd October but for those who didn’t watched it yet, makers will also release the amusing movie on digital streaming platform Apple TV+ on 23rd October 2020. 

What about the Intriguing Casting!

The role of skeptical beautiful lady named Laura is played by Rashida Jones, Bill Murray performs the role of Laura’s charming father named as Felix, Marlon Wayans plays the role of Laura’s husband named Dean, who is like a culprit in his wife’s eyes.

Other important and marvellous characters are Jessica Henwick as Fiona, Jenny State as Vanessa, Cliff Samara as Attendant and Barbara Bain as Gran. 

 Toddles Reader! And don’t forgot to share your golden comment with us, stay tuned and connected.


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