One Man Punch Season 3 highly anticipated to hit the screens by 2021


Looking for an action-anime show to binge-watch, then we would strongly recommend One Punch Man. The series has released two seasons and both have received rave reviews. We are sure you would thank us later. Well, the news about the third edition of One Punch Man is also ripe. The critics found the last two seasons quite entertaining. The rave responses have made the creators extend the series. Here is everything we found about One Punch Man 3. 

There has been no official announcement for One Punch Man 3. Also, the last ended with no close ends like the first season. However, the popularity of the show seems to make the creators push for a couple of seasons. We are highly intuitive that season 3 would make it. 

Release of One Punch Man Season 3: 

The ongoing pandemic has brought the world at a halt. The improvement in the script of One Punch Man season might take a while. Therefore, expecting the series by the end of the year would be astronomical. The anticipations are ripe that the series would go on floor by the mid-2021. However, the trailer might drop by the year-end. So, don’t feel low about the lockdown as the coming period is bringing some really good stuff for comic and anime buff.

The storyline of One Punch Man Season 3:

The plot of the TV-series revolves around Saitama’s life. He has battled and conquered many challenges. Saitama’s epic universe has managed kept the viewers on toes with every season. The last season was all about the Heroes Association. From beginning to end the season was way more action-packed than anyone could comprehend. The finale episode brought the magma chapter that ended up with Saitama winning the battle. The last episode has raised the expectation of the viewers. We are expecting the upcoming season to be grander than the last. 

One Man Punch Season 3 highly anticipated to hit the screens by 2021

In the third season, Saitama and Genos are speculated to steal the limelight. Rather than Saitama (main lead), it might revolve around Genos. The show steals would be the limiters’, the monsters troubling the protagonists of the show.Altogether, the central storyline might shift to Genos opening a whole new dimension for upcoming chapters of the show. Saitama will still remain the pivotal character of the show. 

The cast of One-Man Punch Season 3: 

We are highly skeptical that there would be any new cast for the show. The same characters would be repeating in the third edition too. 

Makoto Furukawa would return as Saitama. Kaito Ishikawa will once again play the part as Genos. You will be the Bespectacled Worker. Shota Yamamoto will be seen as a Bearded Worker. Nobuo Tobita will reappear as Sitch. Hiromichi Tezuka would be the Commentator. 

That was all from our side for One Man Punch season 3. We would be updating any official announcement as soon as they are out. 



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