One of Xavier Gens’ forgotten work you need to watch on Amazon Prime

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Xavier Gens has earlier stepped his foot into 2007’s Frontier(s) and since then he has tipped his toes in a variety of genres and earned the tag of a versatile filmmaker. However, if you have ever closely noticed his works, he seems to be extremely interested in exploring the magnificently darker side of storytelling. 

The New French Extremity movement on the radar came into existence as a result of the brilliant efforts of the cannibalistic Frontier(s) and there’s no doubt in the fact that it certainly holds the capacity of turning the most ardent gorehounds into squeamish scaredy-cats. However, it’s not the only one in the subgenre. His works have spoken well for himself in the past in this subgenre, particularly.

This was then followed by the first Hitman adaptation and then the post-apocalyptic horror of The Divide. Both of his projects gave the viewers and the critics an idea that Gens was not just capable of demented shockers but was also quite versatile in making mainstream Hollywood flicks.

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However, he has gotten the reputation of a reliable scare merchant due to his marvellous work in helming the horror oddities. And have you ever felt, that Cold Skin didn’t get the recognition it deserved and was ultimately overshadowed by his other great works. Though it is never too late to have a watch and decide for yourself as it’s luckily available on Amazon Prime for streaming.

The show has been immensely praised for its icy atmosphere and strong visual pull. We never had a guarantee that Gens would be capable enough to pull this off but he did manage to tell us what he is made up of. The film just took us somewhere different. The film revolves around the life of a scientist and Cold Skin with its setting being in 1914, just before the first World War began gaining any steam.


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