One Piece Chapter 1003: Publish Date, Cast ,Plot and further

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One Piece Chapter 1003 publish is merely about the nook. Having attained the enormous achievement of bridging 1000 episodes the manga sequel is all establish to publish their recent event named The Night of 盤上 interpreted as ‘on the board’.

One Piece Chapter 1003 Publish Day

One Piece Chapter 2003 would publish on Sunday on 7th Feb, 2021. The expected period of publishing is Midnight JST. The very initial event of this long-running sequel was published on October 20th, 1999 and the fanbase of the anime sequel is just accumulating. Having marked 100 event milestone the sequel has once again been the subject of meeting among anime enthusiasts.

One Piece Chapter 1003: Release Date, Cast ,Plot and More


The units of The Straw Hat sequel have occurred catching anime enthusiasts souls for twenty years. Monkey D. Luffy is the skipper and the major protagonist of the manga sequel. Important personalities encompass Roronoa Zoro learned for her practical use of swords, Nami who was lifted up by a navy seaman, Usopp, Sanji a prince by the origin of Germa Kingdom, Jimbei, Nico RobinFranky who was abandoned by his pirate parents, Tony Tony Chopper, Brook.

The sequel furthermore stars a batch of pirate unions primarily Don Quixote Pirates, Arlong Pirates, Blinking Pirates, Bellamy Pirates, Black cat pirates, Red Haired Pirates etc.


One piece Chapter 1003 is inclined to encompass brutal events of few bloodshed as well as separation among groups. Assumptions are that the main protagonist of the sequel  Luffy would receive bit and Kaidou would occur throwing out blood. The purpose behind the certainty of the war is most probable to clarified towards the verge of One Piece Chapter 1003, named The Night of 盤上 interpreted as ‘on the board’.

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Kaidou is plausible to endure from injuries and reports are that he would utilize a fresh attack named Twister Destructive Wind to stifle his foe. There are elevated opportunities that spectators will be apt to see Kaidou adaptation into his hybrid shape, which scarily is just bigger than Big Mom.


One piece Chapter 1003 will be released on 7th Feb at 7 P.M Japan Standard Time. English translated edition will be released at the subsequent timings.

PT: Sunday at 9 a.m, Feb 7th 

CT: Sunday at 11 a.m, 7th Feb

ET: Sunday at 12 p.m, 7th Feb

British Time: Sunday at 5 PM, Feb7th


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