One Piece: The 10 Strongest Characters In The East Blue Arc, Ranked


One Piece is one of those anime series that could be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. It has well-written characters and an amazing plot. One of the places in the series where a lot of arcs have taken place in East Blue. Here we have made a list of the 10 strongest characters there. Keep reading if you’re interested!

#10 Morgan

He was the marine to be introduced in the series and had a pretty decent physical strength. He was able to split open the earth and was strong enough to capture Zoro!

#9 Eric

Eric has the special power of sending shockwaves through air with his fingertips, courtesy of the devil fruit. His force was strong enough to split boulders and he even managed to take the Dragonite from Luffy.

#8 Alvida

Alvida is strong by herself but when she lost her fight with Monkey D. Luffy, her ego got hurt and she ate her devil fruit. Since then she has never lost a fight.

#7 Kuro

This rogue butler has the ability to move so fast that his speed is comparable to that of sound. He can manage to run through a beach, splitting the water apart. 

#6 Sanji

This killer chef has been exposed to violence before when he was under the tutelage of Zeff. This gave him an edge over the other amateurs. He was so good a fighter that he was able to take a dozen warriors single-handedly.

#5 Don Krieg

Don Krieg is one of those fighters who may have no chance in an even fight but will win the far using their crooked tactics. His skills were so good that Luffy fell unconscious for a hot minute.

#4 Zoro

Being the first-ever person to join the Straw Hats crew, Zoro has always had the spotlight. Though many of his suggestions were often ignored by the members, one can’t deny the fact that he is one of the best fighters in the show.

#3 Arlong

He is a formidable man who was able to bring Nami’s village into his control without even the devil’s fruit! He was even able to deflect Zoro’s straight attack.

#2 Luffy

Being the head of the Straw Hats, he has managed to beat all the fighters mentioned above. Not only is he a good fighter, but he is also a great strategist which is essential for a warrior.

#1 Smoker

If there was ever a person who has kicked Luffy’s ass hard, it was Smoker. His devil fruit enables him to convert any part of his body into smoke, serving as a useful defensive and offensive utility simultaneously. 

He was only beaten because Luffy was so tactical. This has again reminded us how good a leader Luffy is.

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