One Punch Man Season 3 Latest Update


‘One-Punch Man’ is an ani-manga Japanese series based on the comic and animated work. On October 4rth 2015 it was first made available for public viewership and now has seen two successful seasons. The third season is excitingly awaited by the fans. Created by ‘ONE’ and later remade as digital manga illustrated by Yusuke Murata is a madhouse studio production. It falls under the genre of action comedy and superhero stories. 

English dubbed version of the show was decided as the series bagged huge success. There is no information from the makers of the series about the release date however there is a possibility of it returning in 2022. Something which needs to be paid attention to is that it took four years for the second season to be out so won’t it be a false hope to expect a season so early.

We will get to hear most of the old voices featured in the last series. It may include Furukawa, Makoto, as Saitama, Ishikawa, Kaito as Genos and will be the voice characters for season 3. But this is not an end of the list as we may have some new cast members included in the team as well.

One Punch Man Season 3 Latest Update

What we can expect to take us on a joy ride in season 3 is stupendous visuals and graphics. Extreme war and battle conditions with more action where Heroes will be seen battling with their opponent is the show stopper of the series.

 Heroes declaring an army attack on the enemy and pulling them out from their hideouts will also be seen as face-offs between Hero Association and Monster 45. They may include S-Class heroes which can be Zombieman, Atomic Samurai, and Flashy Flash and might go against the creatures of Monster Association. Then there is a new arc featuring Garou and his human side will be revealed too. 

We will see Saitama in season 3 fighting and defeating its opponents in a single punch. This superhero Saitama had supernatural powers and was losing interest in defeating opponents until he finds a rival to match his skills.

Till we get to hear more from the series stay at home and be safe.!


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