Fifty shades of Grey actress in the limelight not for her films but for an interview she had long back which had surfaced after3 years. Dakota mayi Johnson is a model and who is pursuing her career as an actress made her film debut at the age of ten appearing in a minor role in Crazy in Alabama in the year 1999. 

Her parents Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith discouraged her from pursuing acting till she completed her high school after she started her auditions.The actress had given an interview to The Vogue in 2017 in which she had hinted casually about her sexuality which had sent waves across the social media. 

Speaking to Vogue she had mentioned about coming in terms with her sexuality was an experience she was going through which many women go through and that it fascinated and interested her. The star with quite a die hard fan following in the social media ended up trending on the social media and is now the focus of many tweets.


The interview which is viral on the social media is attracting lot of tweets from her fans supporting and celebrating her with one of the fan wrote” I am happy everyone is so happy and accepting her too” and there are others from LGBT community who have tweeted saying that they are happy to know that a celebrity that they know belongs to their community.

Dakota mentioning that  she is taking time to explore her bi sexuality and also discussing about her then break up and about her life after that is  the actually reason behind such reactions so strong from her fans on Twitter. Many media are approaching Dakota Johnson for her response on these tweets but she is yet to give her response to these online tweets and speculation. The actress is now known to be in relationship with Coldplay front, an Chris Martin.

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