Oregon man stabbed a victim found walking ‘wearing only his underwear.’

Oregon man stabbed a victim found walking ‘wearing only his underwear.’
Oregon man stabbed a victim found walking ‘wearing only his underwear.’


  • A man stabbed a man in Milwaukie who was wearing just underwear and had wounds on his head.
  • After stabbing the victim, the suspect fled from the scene.
  • The authorities have not found any details about the victim.
  • The court charged the man with multiple felonies.

Inside Story

A suspect got accused of stabbing a victim near Milwaukie. On Tuesday, the cops found him just in his underwear. The deputies also revealed that he was bleeding from his head when deputies found him. The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office also confirmed the crime.

As per the authorities, the 24 years old suspect took a car and went to an apartment at the Southeast Boardman Avenue complex about 3 p.m. Then, he stabbed the man and fled in the same vehicle. The victim was found in a critical condition by the police officers. However, the victim could not be identified by the officials.

Later on, the stabbed victim was taken to the hospital for further treatment at OHSU. Sgt. Marcus Mendoza, a sheriff’s spokesman stated that the unidentified victim is still hospitalized at the hospital.

Investigation Report

After investigating the whereabouts, Mendoza reported that the cops found the location of Hotchkiss soon. They located him near Southeast River Road and Southeast Oak Shore Court. The place is situated only two miles away from the apartment complex.

According to the sheriff’s office, the 24 years old found walking in the location at a high rate speed. Moreover, he was wearing only underwear and was covered with wounds and blood on his head. As per the court records, the 24 years old suspect got charged for multiple felonies.

One of his crimes includes one for the first-degree riot during the protests in Portland after Donald Trump’s presidential election in November 2016. Apart from that, in May, the court also accused him of assaulting snd threatening a female victim with a gun. However, as per the court documents, the case got dismissed.


The court charged 24 years old Gavin Scott Hotchkiss of unlawful use of a weapon as well as first-degree assault by using a weapon in the attacking a victim at Willamalane Apartments. According to the sources, he is the resident of the same apartments. This report was released to the sheriff’s office and court records. And finally, the deceased got justice.

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