Oscars to hold 2021 ceremony in person


Corona Virus has led to a number of changes everywhere. Be it any personal plans or worldwide parties and ceremonies. Recently we shared an information regarding a virtual Christmas party this year all because of the outbreak of the pandemic and now it’s the 2021 Oscars!

We aren’t really happy, but there is no other option but to make it an in-person ceremony. Recently a personnel from the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) and it’s broadcasting partner ABC has made the announcement that the Oscars next year will be a virtual ceremony if the ongoing pandemic  continues to rage on. The in-person telecast will definitely happen. 

This has also led to the pushing of the eligibility window for feature films. There was also an expectation that theatres and movie halls will open by the end of the year but again things had to be pushed back because of Covid. Anything about the introduction of safety protocols in the ceremony has been unknown. The producers for the telecast has also not yet been confirmed. 

Covid is seriously playing its own kind of a game. The primetime Emmy awards also had to follow up with a virtual ceremony over Zoom. And now it’s time for the Oscars!

We just keep praying that everything becomes a bit normal by then and we get to have a proper ceremony and not a digital one!

You guys just keep sticking to us for more updates.


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