Outer Banks Season 2 sets on the backdrop of Bahamas


And here we see the pandemic upshot. We all were strung in high hopes to unravel the drooling dissipation after the Creator and showrunner Jonas Pate told Entertainment Weekly that they will definitely have Season 2 taking place in the Bahamas. Seems like the Bahamas is far off for Pate now since the shooting is at a halt.  

Leaving us ample time to strangle with all the answers to the burning questions, patience, and overthinking will become the legitimate comrade for us all! Oh, we can’t get enough of the undermining mystery of this impeccable delicacy savored by Netflix. There couldn’t be a better time to lure us all in the story of gleaming teen romance set amidst the overwhelming islands. 

While our heroes – John B. and his girlfriend Sarah have walked away with the treasure, the plot turns where the sunken treasure appears to be stolen is a stunner. Framed for murder and acclaimed to be drowned dead, both of them contour their fate as we will unveil that they were actually on another boat and off their way to the Bahamas. You will certainly enjoy their trip to Nassau yet the real thrill elevates in the possibility of them heading back to the Outer banks.

Outer Banks Season 2 sets on the backdrop of Bahamas

*I sense a hint there *

 It needs to be said that the whole plot of John B.’s disappearance has made it tricky and packed a whole lot of suspense elements by throwing ample hints about what’s on the store. Leaving up nothing to lead onto Jonathan Daviss, who plays one of the Pogues, Pope, shared: No one, not even the cast, knows what’s next. A whole lot of burning questions are expected to be quenched in Season 2, bringing more characters to life. 

Well, we will find it all out! 


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