Outfielder Release Date, Casting, And Storyline – Details We Know So Far


Ryan Murphy has established himself as one of the most prolific creative talents in contemporary television. With megahits including “Glee,” “American Horror Story,” “American Crime Story,” and “Pose,” the writer/director/producer has six Emmys and millions of devoted fans.

The series, provisionally named “Outfielder,” is based on a true event and will premiere on Netflix in 2018. “Outfielder,” based on the amazing life of former Los Angeles Dodger Glenn Burke, is set to be a welcome addition to lovers of sports shows and films. While the series is still in the “early conversation stage,” according to Deadline, we do have some idea of what it will involve.

What’s the release date for Outfielder movie?

We won’t have a release date for “Outfielder” for quite some time because it has yet to get off the ground. With so many moving parts involved in producing a television show, it might take weeks to even begin filming. The show’s home on Netflix, on the other hand, is already set – it would be part of Ryan Murphy’s $300 million production contract with the streaming giant, which he inked in February 2018. So far, the partnership has resulted in successful series such as “Hollywood,” “The Politician,” “Ratched,” “Halston,” and the adolescent feature “The Prom.”

Major production firms, like Netflix, appear to be finally catching up with the COVID-19 epidemic’s backlog of projects. Murphy, on the other hand, is now working on eight shows and projects in post-production, pre-production, or filming, including the highly anticipated Jeffrey Dahmer mini-series. As a result, the busy producer is unlikely to begin something new right away. However, considering his great talent and apparent work ethic, we don’t expect to have to wait long for “Outfielder” to be available on Netflix.

Who will be casting for Outfielder movie?

“Outfielder” is still in the early stages of development. Glenn Burke, the series’ subject, began his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers at the age of 19 in 1977 and died in 1995. As a result, Netflix may wish to recruit two separate actors to represent Burke at various ages. With improvements in age-changing CGI and excellent makeup artistry, an older actor might portray a younger role or vice versa. Burke’s colleagues, notably Dusty Baker, are other characters that are expected to appear in the series.

Anyone who has watched Ryan Murphy’s work knows that he has a crew of performers with whom he often collaborates. Because Glenn Burke was a Black guy, Murphy might call on one of his old colleagues, such as Sterling K. Brown, Cuba Gooding Jr., or Dyllon Burnside. Murphy has also frequently cast newbies in his films, so it’s truly anyone’s guess who will play the lead.

What’s the expected storyline for the Outfielder movie?

Glenn Burke was a remarkable individual with a long list of “firsts.” Surprisingly, he is attributed with the invention of the high five. Dusty Baker, Burke’s teammate, blasted his 30th home run during the final game of the regular season on October 7, 1977, a rare achievement for any baseball player. Burke dashed out onto the field to congratulate his friend, raising his extended palm over his head. Baker slapped it, unsure what to do, and so the high five was created.

It’s difficult to picture baseball (or any sport, for that matter) without celebratory high fives, but Burke’s contributions to Major League Baseball were more than just a simple hand gesture: he was the league’s first out homosexual player. Unfortunately, homophobia among management and his teammates hampered Burke’s career, and he resigned from the MLB in 1980.

In an Inside Sports piece published in 1982, he came out to the public (via The Atlantic). Burke, sadly, suffered with drug addiction and homelessness, and he died in 1995 from AIDS-related complications. Burke’s impact on Major League Baseball has been felt for years. His life is undoubtedly television-worthy, and we hope to see it on Netflix at some point in the future.


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