Outlander Season 6: Is Jamie and Claire’s relationship in danger? “Foundation is shaken” Shoot and Releasing

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Finally, Outlander Season 6 is in production and the shooting will start soon in May 2021, Starz confirms. Just like all other series and movies, shooting for Outlander was also delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is season is going to have 12 episodes and will be holding a lot of surprises for the fans. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, there will be intimate scenes. The producer says that actors are being constantly tested and they don’t have to be six feet apart all the time.


The story of Outlander so far is based on Diana Gabaldon’s book series. The last season was largely inspired by “The Fiery Cross” but towards the end, it shifted towards the storyline of “An Echo in the Bone” so it is sure that season 6 will run on the same storyline. Though too much information is still under the sheets, Mathew B Roberts specifically mentions that “there will be surprises for the fans, even for those who have read the novels”.

Story Predictions: It seems like Jamie and Claire’s relationship is in danger?

Since season five had a dramatic end with all the much-loved protagonists, there could be a lot of hurdles in Jamie and Claire’s way.

Roberts gave a statement that cleared that just like the previous seasons, Jamie and Claire will still see ups and downs in their relationship as they have always seen. They lost their child in the last season, and Claire won’t be out of the trauma for a long time. He stated that there might be a revolution with them and that is what all the seasons are going through. He added that when you own a foundation and the time comes when it is shaking the revolution happens and you need to deal with it. That’s kind of the theme of the season”.

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There can be more uncertainties this season. As Claire is in extreme trauma, so there are chances that the story will focus on Claire and her moving forward in life. The story should also align towards finding Ian as he went to live with the Mohawk tribe at the end of the fourth season. Also as The American Revolutionary War started and, Jamie participated in it fighting for freedom, so hopefully, season 6 may portray his active role in the war.

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