Over 50% Of Fans Agree That This Is The Best Space Comedy Of All Time

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Science fiction and technological films have incredibly acquired a separate corner in fans’ hearts.  However, when it comes to space-centered film, it catches all our sights. Being something that is out of the box and out of the Earth, science fiction films becomes divisive among fans. A blend of positive and negative responses or reviews is run-of-the-mill, after every Star War movie.

The solemnity of fans toward interstellar movies is perceptible enough after the original trilogy unveils. But when we get comedy and sci-fi in one tart then there’s no bad blood. Even though there were plenty of blockbuster space comedy movies have released to date. Including that conflict between fans, bases are much less for such generic movies. The rationale behind this might be good agreement among the majority of them. Majority of credit goes to the filmmakers. 

According to the reviews we came across in a survey conducted by our team, that type of movie they’ll consider as an all-in-one and greatest space comedy. The result came with no surprise, that majority of people, with 65 percent of them voted for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Extremely popular Marvel movies with huge fan base managed to outmaneuver movies like Galaxy Quest and others, to secure a confident triumph.

Marvel Cinematic reigns supreme:

The MCU and its constituent movies are well-known and have huge fandom. And due to their popularity, undoubtedly, the can easily outflank competitors by the robust line-up. Apart from that, the fan base of classic old space comedies gives a head-to-head strike by voting Star War parody of 1987 and making it the highest contender of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ with 30% votes.

Meanwhile, the classic space comedy film, ‘Galaxy Quest’ secures third place with its in favour vote of 10 percent. Tim Allen, this mighty classic old character was left behind by its competitors around. Simultaneously, ‘Guide to the Galaxy’ of Hitchhiker ended up with 6 percent. For those, who are feeling it’s woeful, let us remember it means a range of 7000-10,000 people voted for classic space comedy movies. This proves the love and presence of old classic films in the world.

The specialty of Guardians of the Galaxy:

Courtesy: Looper

As reported by Time Magazine, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is the highest-grossing film to date. It was 2014’s highest-grossing film and made over $800 million in the domestic box office. This was very obvious that maximum people will vote to make it acquired the space for “Best Space Comedy” of all time. It was a smash hit of that time and continues to be the best.

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