OVERLORD Season 4: Fans are highly demanding the 4th season, know will it going to happen


Overlord is a Japanese black fantasy anime collection written by Kugane Maruyama & illustrated by so-bin. The anime is produced by Madhouse & directed by Naoyuki Itou.

Overlord currently has 3 seasons with 13 episodes each, where season 1 premiered in 2015. 

The second season aired in the first half of 2018 and the 3rd season came out in the latter half of 2018. So it has been a while since the last season dropped.

If you are also curious, check out the details below to know everything we know about the air date to the expected storyline!

Overlord season 4 Plotline:

Season 3 characters and storyline grabbed the attention of viewers and made it worth to watch. Having said, it is pretty clear that the expectation is already high.

On that note, we are assuming that the season will be more extreme than the previous season. We are yet to receive the latest updates from the makers. Undoubtedly, it is going to be a spectacular season for the fans.

Ain is prepared to war against the empire and has a character that can win everyone’s heart.

 Season 4 can pay for its own 12th volume since Overlord is based on a novel. Aziz is the series part, and the story revolves around his ideology of running the world. 

And many more…..

OVERLORD Season 4: Fans are highly demanding the 4th season, know will it going to happen

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The story has a dark twist, it especially catches the attention of this audience, who enjoys anime series that is dark. 

The overlord is high technology virtual reality participants that find himself stuck at the virtual reality universe and his guide mates. 

We will observe how much power & strength are needed for it, and the sorcerer’s kingdom will be ruled. We are going to find a fantastic deal of excitement and new adventures in the overload season 4.

Overlord Season 4 Cast: 

The protagonists of the last season have already made strong bond with the audience. There is no official announcement of any changes in the start cast so we can assume the twist in the plot will bring the roller coaster ride for viewers with the amazing performances of the below characters: 

      Ain Ooal gown, the protagonist

      Albedo

      Shalltear Bloodfallen

      Aura Bella Fiora

      Mare Bello Fiore

      Demiurge

      Cocytus

      Victims

      Gargantua

Release date:

Overlord season 4 scriptwriter Yukie Sugawara actually revealed and talked about the possibility of the fourth season of series would be out by July 2020 but the production is slowed down. 

The condition is getting worse, and so there is no exact release date today.

However, despite that brief good news, Overlord has not been officially renewed by the creators or the studio. Without an official confirmation, fans cannot expect Season 4 to arrive this year in 2020. 

Even a 2021 release seems unlikely unless the makers don’t announce its renewal during the last month of 2020.

So, lets just wait and watch for official announcement for now and keeping digging details with us!

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