Overlord Season 4 What About The Release Date? , Who Will Be Among The Cast? And How Was The Last Season Ended?


If we talk about Japanese manga than its obvious we must have heeded or gazed about the Overlord series. The franchise is gearing to include a new fourth sequel in this series, on seeing its massive popularity among the viewers. Here are updates on expected what’s the release date,  How was the last season ended, who will be among the cast.

For the people who are unaware of the series! Overload is a popular Japanese Manga series, which is themed of dark fantasy. This series is adapted from a popular Japanese novel and then converted into a television series.

Till now, 3 seasons was has been uncovered for the franchise, and now as foreseen all of the trio seasons have made a  massive success in the Japanese Manga industry. Hence the fourth season is all set to hit the screen soon.

Overlord Season 4: Release Date

Although, the Fourth season is confirmed by the shoemakers. But there is no such official release date announced yet for this season. The expected release date for Overlord Season 4 can hit the calendar somewhere in mid- 2021, expected by few seeps on the web. We assure you to update any news related to the upcoming fourth sequel as soon as we get any update. 

Overlord Season 4 What About The Release Date? , Who Will Be Among The Cast? And How Was The Last Season Ended?

Overlord Season 4: Cast

Main characters from the last season are going to reprise their roles like Masayuki Katou, Asami Seto, Satoshi Hino, Yumi Hara, Manami Numakura, Sumire Uesaka. Three more faces are also encompassed in the cast members list for the fourth season of Overload, Mamoru Miyano, Shigeru Chiba, and Mikako Komatsu.

Overlord Last Season Ending 

From various sources, the storyline is predicted to start from where the last season ended. Therefore, we know the climax of last season to Overlord, thus we can make a rough storyline is season 4, this we have to recognize the whole story for the suffrage is based on an Online role-playing contest whose server confronts an unexpected final shut down.

With that hitch in the game, the entire game inside the server swivels into reality. One of the characters who was precisely playing the game and got stabbed in the game as one among the avatar in the game.


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