‘Overwatch’ Halloween 2020 skins: How to get Genji’s Karasu-Tengu and more

Overwatch' Halloween 2020 skins
Overwatch' Halloween 2020 skins

Blizzard Entertainment has developed Overwatch as an online team-based game. It is a first-party shooting game. 

The game allows 6 players to play where they are assigned into two teams. Each player can choose any character from the 30 rosters.

 Every character is known as heroes and each of them has their style to play the game. Some unique modes occur only seasonally like Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc. 

As Halloween is coming some new characters have been added to the game. 

Let us share what are the new skins which will be added in Halloween Terror 2020:

Many previous skins will be there to continue. For several weeks, players will come across some new skins. 

Last Tuesday Karasu-Tengu Genji skin has been officially released in Halloween Terror 2020. 

Other new outfits have been introduced besides Genji’s Karasu Tengu for October 2020, Shin-Ryeong D.Va, Dai-Tengu Hanzo, Flying Dutchman Sigma, and Werewolf Winston.

Overwatch' Halloween 2020 skins
Overwatch’ Halloween 2020 skins

In addition to that for the weekly challenge purpose, three new epic skins have been added are Stone Brigitte, Ragdoll Echo, and Fantasma Sombra. During the whole event, players have to win nine games each week. 

Unlocking Procedure:  Genji’s Karasu-Tengu

To unlock the Karasu-Tengu Genji a player needs 3000 overwatch credits. But the creators open one more deal to get the legendary skin. 

Whoever has fewer overwatch credits, they can unlock the skin during seasonal loot boxes. Karasu-Tengu Genji will be available during the Halloween terror event from 13th October to 3rd November. 

There is a total of 18 skins along with newly added ones, which are included in the version of Halloween Terror. Whoever completes the weekly challenges for all the three weeks, 9 of the skins can be automatically obtained. For other skins, one has to have overwatch credit or go for loot boxes. 

If the players don’t want to spend a lot of money to get the new skins, they can follow the procedures of the weekly game smartly. One has to pay attention to the modes in the game. 

If the player can manage to win within the top 4 ranks. It should continue for some time and by winning quick play matches one can manage to get a loot box. This way one can get the skin.

Hope the update has brought your close to the new technique. Keep following us for information.


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