Palm Springs season 2! All the news about the upcoming Hulu comedy movie.


The “Palm Spring” is an American romantic comedy movie written by Andy Siara. The movie had its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival on 26th January 2020. Officially released on selected theatres and digitally on Hulu on 10th July 2020.

In a very short period movie has received incredibly positive reviews from its critics and fans alike. It has got astounding praises for its performance and concept from its audience. Palm Spring become the highest seller in the history of Sundance Film Festival at 17.5 million US Dollars. Rotten Tomatoes has given 93% approval ratings to the movie based on many positive reviews. Now, fans like us are eagerly waiting for the second season of this movie. 

Palm Spring season 2: any speculated release dates?

The director of the movie Max Barbacoa has not made any official announcement related to the upcoming sequel. Although, Palm Spring itself is released in a very critical time of the global pandemic. However, according to our sources, the movie was supposed to release in summer, even the theme of the movie was also relating to the season.

But as we all know the whole movie industry is suffering due to Covid-19 virus outbreak, the movie has been adapted by Neon and Hulu and was released in only selected theatres on 10th July 2020. Comprehending the situation, the sequel will not be in the theatre anytime soon. But we can expect to see it in summer 2022 if everything goes right.

Palm Springs season 2! All the news about the upcoming Hulu comedy movie.

Who will be there in the cast:

The cast has performed their role pretty well and the storyline was well connected in the movie. Hence it will be quite good if the main cast remains on board for the sequel

The cast and characters for the movie were:

  • Andy Samberg as Nyles (Sarah’s lover)
  • Cristin Milioti as Sarah Wilder (Tala’s sister)
  • J. K. Simmons as Roy (the man who connected Sarah and Nyles)
  • Camila Mendes as Tala Anne Wilder (Sarah’s sister)
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Abraham Eugene Trent “Abe” Schlieffen (Tala’s fiancé)
  • Meredith Hagner as Misty (Nyles’s previous girlfriend)

The plotline of the sequel:

In Palm Spring, Nyles came with his girlfriend Misty to a wedding but later-on he falls in love with Sarah who is the bride’s sister. The wents into an adventure and mysteriously enters a cave where they fall into a time loop. They live the same day, again and again, until they somehow blow up the cave entirely. It breaks the loop and now they can show their love openly.

As per the speculations, in the next story, they will again fall into some other time loop, which will be tougher than the previous one. We have to wait for sure to know more about it and how they get out from it, but stories like this take the heart away due to its mesmerising concepts.

Stay safe and stay tuned with us for more news like this.


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