All the Star Wars fan out there you must be aware of the 1st villain in the Star Wars movie Darth Vader. Who can forget him unless and until you are not a true Star Wars fan? Do you know that the Darth Vader gets a punishment from Palpatine for his defeat? If not then read on.


After Vader returns back to Naboo, he meets his master Palpatine. Palpatine says that he has miserably failed in carrying out his command. To start things of, Palpatine unleashes lightening on the Darth Vader. After this Palpatine takes Vader to the place where he was born.

The place is a smoldering grave in between a lava bank. This lava bank is situated at Mustasar. Here Palpatine crushes the technology and the prosthetic limb. Then he drags him onto the grave with lava setting him on fire. This was the punishment of Palpatine complete and cruel. This punishment was something that Palpatine would have disposed on anyone.

All this happened in the Marvel comic Star Wars: Dark Vader #6. The comic is written by Greg Pak and the illustration had been done by Raffaele Ienco along with Neeraj Menon. The comic was published on 14 october, 2020 and is available on the Marvels official website for $3.99.

If you are a Star Wars fan then you must read this comic because apart from this particular scene there are many facts and secrets about Darth Vader. So, here we take a short leave from you guys. We assure you that we will be right back with more news supers soon.


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