Station 19 finished the TV season 2019-2020 as one of the comparatively limited numbers of big network activities that finally brought the expected final, and the cliffhangers of Season 3 left many viewers to wonder about it. 

What viewers think and what we can see?

The tale of Andy, in particular, finished with more questions than responses, and Paris Barclay, the executive producer of Station 19, has now told audiences what is on the menu for the leading lady of the first respondent drama.

More questions than answers were given to Andy’s plot, especially and now Station 19 managing producer Paris Barclay has shared that audiences would be shocked by the intention of the first drama playwright.

Andy’s husband was put in the final of season 3 on Gray Sloan, speaking of Grey’s anatomy. The operation that would help him to conquer his addiction in the longer term, Robert Sullivan hoped to reduce his suffering, Andy assured him she would be by his side. However, she left to fix her family troubles and it seemed like her life might be destroyed in season four.

It’s fair to assume that there is genuine hope for them, even under the situation of their marriage, unless Paris Barclay applies to a subsection of Station 19 fans who will be excited by the demise of Andy and Sullivan’s marriage.

When will Station 19 come up with its new season?

Station 19 will commence the night of 12 November and the Season 4 opener will serve as the first part of Grey’s Anatomy’s crossover and this time will not be just a two partner. In reality, the first event of Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 will be two episodes, which means that the audience has a strong threefold block of popular universe action. In one night this week, NBC will not be the sole network with a common universe of three hours!


It is sure that all the viewers are waiting for their questions to be answered and the wait is not that long. We just need to be patience till 12th November as the fourth season will be started that night. We hope that the season 4 clears all the cliffhangers that viewers and fans are facing. 

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