Paul Feig, director’s Favorite Memory From The Office


The office was a mockumentary that described a group of ordinary bureaucrats whose business day consisted of conflicting egos, inappropriate behaviour, and redundancy. But it was so much more for the thousands of admirers who loved it. The show started thousands of papers. “Bureau” was the emotional Rollercoaster “will they will not” that characterised the relationship of Pam and Jim. It might make you laugh till you sobbed, sometimes (that’s what she said). 

The show was not very much performed by Director Paul Feig, known for his hits such as ‘Ghostbusters,’ ‘Freaks & geek,’ “Bridesmaids,’ but he did 15 entire episodes and co-executed the show on 26 Nov. Not long ago, he was sitting for an exclusive interview with Looper to discuss his experience with “The Office,” with his most extraordinary recollections from the beginning of his life. But you may be astonished to find out which of his favourite memory was awarded the number one slot.

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It was the slapstick comedy of Steve Carell. Then again, you probably aren’t too surprised by the fondest memory of director Paul Feig from the time he worked on the programme if you are Steve Carell’s fan of “The Office.” Feig was the “Office Olympics” episode leader, with excellent slapstick comedy and top-notch ad-libbing. It was mainly a scene where Carell, Michael Scott, signed the documents for his condo. Carell should hyperventilate on a stove and tear the kitchen down on her path in the direction of the script. And Feig was almost unable to laugh too.

“I remember I laughed so hard because Steve Carell was just doing this new stuff that was so funny, but so nice,” he said in the interview. “I’ve been sobbing so much. “Somebody has freaked something, and I adore that.” Who wouldn’t want to be an on-the-screen fly when Feig makes it sound like this scene? It’d probably also sell and the natural series if NBC chose to issue a pack of blooper rolls for the show.



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