Peacemaker TV series greenlit by HBO Max


Peacemaker is the new TV series written by James Gunn the same person who directed The Suicide Squad (you can watch the trailer to get a glimpse of the Peacemaker  

which will be hitting the theatres in August.

When will the show be released?

The show’s production is scheduled to be started by the start of 2021 and if the production takes the usual time period taken by an average TV of that standard, the TV show will be aired by the fall of 2021.

Plot of Peacemaker

The show follows the origins of Peacemaker, the lead mercenary who appears in The Suicide Squad.

The real name of Peacemaker is Christopher Smith, an extreme pacifist who will do anything by his means to restore it.

He also has a silver helmet which can be used to kill anyone he wants to. But their souls get stored in it, meaning he is forced to carry the guilt on his shoulders forever.

His father was a Nazi commander who killed himself after he saw people suffer so much. This trauma caused Christopher to become Peacemaker. At eighteen, he left home to join the army and fought in the Vietnam War. But it is expected that this detail will be excluded in the series as the Vietnam War happens ages before the timeframe where this series is set.

He first appeared in the comics in 1966. The comic originally cost around thirty dollars but since the announcement of the new series the comic’s rate soared up to three hundred dollars.

Considering the cover story on the plot, we hope you find the update and the show pretty interesting. So let us know, what’s on your mind and keep reading for inside stories.

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