Peacock Gets Mr. Mercedes On Board: Is It Coming Out for Season Four? 


There’s good news for the fandom of Mr. Mercedes as there may be a fourth season for the same. The first three seasons of the show were liked by the audience and so there will likely be a fourth season for the fans. 

Let’s talk about all the updates and news about Mr. Mercedes. 

Season Four Of Mr. Mercedes

As the show may come out for the fourth season, the Peacock network has chosen to get the show on its streaming platform. The first two seasons of Mr. Mercedes are coming on board from next month. The details of the third season will be shared later. 

The show is actually based on the writings of Stephen King. Mr. Mercedes formerly aired on the AT&T network. Now Peacock has chosen to get it on board. However, Peacock has not yet confirmed anything about its fourth season but then getting the three seasons is a lot in itself. 

Storyline And Cast of Mr. Mercedes 

The plot of Mr. Mercedes revolves around a retired detective. The detective is played by Brendan Gleeson. The story is about a serial killer who keeps sending emails to Brendan and then he is on a quest to find out who this serial killer is. 

The cast of the show is as follows,

  • Brendan Gleeson
  • Holland Taylor 
  • Harry Treadway 
  • Kelly Lynch
  • Mary-Louise Parker 
  • Breeda Wool
  • Jharrel Jerome 
  • Ann Cusack 
  • Justin Lupe
  • Maximiliano Hernández
  • Jack Huston
  • Nancy Travis 
  • Scott Lawrence

More About Mr. Mercedes 

The production companies behind the show Mr. Mercedes are Sonar Entertainment and Temple Hill Entertainment. There are two executive producers, one of them is the creator of Big Little Lies. That’s right, it’s David Kelly and alongside him is Dennis Lehane. 

Kelly and Lehane, both have also done the writing work for the first two seasons of the show along with Stephen King. The direction is done by Jack Bender who is also the executive producer. To watch the trailer released by Peacock click here


We have rendered you with all the necessary details and updates regarding Mr. Mercedes. This is all we have known so far. We don’t know yet if the show is coming back for a fourth season or not but Peacock has got it on board and that’s quite a news.

We will come back with more details until then stay in touch! 



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