Peaky Blinders Season 6 Storyline, Release Updates


Peaky Blinders is an amazing series with suspense, rapture, and crime drama from Steven Knight’s period. Peaky Blinders is inspired by World War 1 and its chaos continued till the 20th century. Steven series has won various awards for its anecdote and memos. 

The last season was completed in 2019 with many questions remain unanswered. In the last season, we saw Tommy Shelby’s fate droop in the symmetry. This creates a chunk of questions in the viewer psyches. Season 6 is all set with its storyline and twists just we have to wait for the pandemic to get over. Here we are going to cover everything related to the upcoming season, read the complete article.

Peaky Blinders: Release Date 

The official release date is yet not announced. Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, the production of season 6 is shut down. The production will resume after the outbreak hence, we can’t expect the release date to lie in this year. Makers confirmed that the upcoming season will be the second last season of this great series. Knight’s revealed that the crew is scheming for a crime film next. From various reports and interviews, we can expect the upcoming season to be released in the early or mid-2021. 

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Storyline, Release Updates

Peaky Blinders: Cast  

The main cast of the series will reprise their role in the upcoming season 6. Faces from the last season Cillian Murphy as Tommy, Helen McCrory as Polly, Paul Anderson as Arthur, Sophie Rundle as Ada, Kate Phillips as Linda and Kirton as Finn will likely to be watched again. Apart from the main characters, Benjamin Zephaniah, Joe Cole, Annabelle Wallis, Charlotte Riley, and Natasha O’Keeffe will also likely to join the season 6 cast.

Peaky Blinders: Storyline 

The Storyline of season 6 is not yet revealed. But it has been vowed by the creators that season 6 will be a big boom compared from the last season. The main storyline will be centered on how Tom is going to take revenge from the treasons. Therefore, we can expect some more thrill and action. On comparing season 6 from the last season we can predict the season to be also of six episodes. With every episode related to the last one with some unanswered questions. The first episode of the season is named as “Black Day”.

Peaky Blinders: Trailer  

There is no official trailer or teaser released for season 6 yet. There might be some more delay for any trailer or teaser due to the coronavirus outbreak. We can expect a short trailer a week before the official release date.

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