Peaky Blinders season 6 won’t see this key character return

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For all Peaky Blinder’s fans out there, it would be an undesirable and unfortunate happening that we’ll not see the return of Charlie Murphy in season 6, who in the former series was in the role of a real-life unionist leader. 

Jessie Eden, the occasional or seldom love interest, will also manifest her return in season 6. That means in the upcoming season we will not going to see the silent love and affection between Tommy Shelby and Jessie Eden.

Apart from that, the 32-year-old actresses, Emma Mackey, with whom we are much familiar. Through Netflix series ‘Sex Education’, alongside ‘The Winter Lake’, the gritty Irish thriller movie. Also, playing the role of neighbours in the series ‘Peaky Blinder’. Apparently, she is also going to be seen on a TV show, Halo, based on the Xbox gaming franchise.

In a question session with our team, Charlie Murphy elaborated the reason behind her off-screen exit. Charlie stated – “ it was a lot of fun with the whole team of Peaky Blinder. Which feels like an age ago as well, about 3 years ago. Yeah. I’m done and want a long break from shooting.”

 Despite Jessie Eden seemingly leaving season 6, but she was featured prominently in season 5. She has played a major role with Tommy Shelby, saving Jessie from being apprehended, while protesting the I’m British Union of Fascists rally.

Including that, she was briefly tipped off a character in Tommy Shelby’s plan to do a good thing. The plan was meant for assassinating Oswald, which later faced failure.

According to Charlie, she was not that agreed to begin the axed scenes that Anthony Byrne, the director explained to her, had been decided to eradicate from the final episode to oblique Tommy’s betrayer. 

Undoubtedly, Charlie Murphy has been playing her role as Jessie in Peaky Blinder, with her versatility and amazing acting skill. She was awarded by IFTA in 2018 for this role.

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As the character, Jessie Eden ends up beyond the screen. Charlie Murphy also explains the synopsis and beauty of her role that, she went to Russia and summons the Communists Party to help them out building the Metro system over there.

She thinks the role of Jessie was incredible but she has a wee of spy corner within herself. There’s so much to know about her. A typical TV series can be filmed about her.

That’s all for the end up of the character Jessie Eden. Stay tuned to know more about Peaky Blinder.


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