Pelosi Says House Ready To Play ‘Prominent Role’ If Election Outcome Is Divided


Pelosi stated that she will be in hurry for speaker one more time if Democrats keep control of the House. Let us dive into the more updated crispy news over here. 

Pelosi has been allegedly taking the possibility of a difficult result. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated in an interview that the House of Representatives was ready to play a prominent role in deciding the outcome of the election in the case of results are disputed. 

There have been reports earlier to the meeting that Pelosi has been thinking about what Politico getting to as a once in a century marvel. In the event of a tie in the electoral college that is improbable. However, though it is improbable it is possible as per the statement given by the newly complicated vote. 

The Politico reports stated that the House vote could be brutal. It could come down to that party controls the most state deputation. The number could differ after the result will come on Tuesday. 

Let’s now thinking about that right now. What we want to be ready for a big vote to banish any thought other than that. Joe Biden will be opening president of the U.S. that we will have a Democratic House and a Senate (Democratic).

Both Republicans, as well as Democrats, have suggested that the other side would contest most election results. There have been reports that both parties are building intimidating war chests to cash on lawsuits that are possible. 

We are ready and prepared. We have been preparing for a while because we see this irresponsibility of the president. His disrespect for the charter fr our democracy. For the integrity of our elections. So we are ready for him stated Pelosi. 


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