People are discussing about the New Marvel’s Avengers Hawkeye Gameplay

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While Marvel’s Avengers has received some pretty decent reviews from the reviewers, it was challenging to sustain player interest in the game. The game has been predicted to fail by the end of 2020, losing a good deal of money from Square Enix. However, fans have certainly got interested in Marvel’s Avengers’ future by introducing a new DLC character.

Hawkeye was first confirmed as a DLC character after the launch before the main game was released officially, so fans finally waited very long for Clint Barton to play. Meanwhile, the players have felt high-octane archer action since Kate Bishop was introduced in November 2020 as a playable character.

Operation Hawkeye: Future Imperfect, launched by Square Enix, began on 18 March 2021, and a long-term look at the gameplay of a character during a live stream presentation. Many fans seem to be satisfied with the attempts made by Square Enix to put Clint Barton in the game.

While one fan was worried that Hawkeye’s DLC would be a barren future in the gameplay trailer, the new contents were “fun.” One fan noticed that his capabilities looked “stunning” and that he played differently than his colleague archer, Kate Bishop, was evident.

Other players are looking forward to a new update and unlocking alternative outfits of Hawkeye.

Naturally, not all are so excited by the arrival at Marvel’s Avenger by Hawkeye, primarily because of the slow progress of the past updates.

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Some fans are concerned that the next DLC character will have to wait too long. A fan answered, “Soo, until summer or even later, we just stuck in with Hawkeye??” In a follow-up tweet, they said it was “rough” to wait several months between launches. Other gamers are confused that PlayStation gamers still have not received the promised Spider-Man DLC. Then again, the Spider-Man Sony exclusivity had previously been an outrage for fans of Marvel’s Avengers.

Overall, the highly awaited Black Panther: War for Wakanda seems to be more excited for Avengers Diehards for a DLC arriving later this year. Mainly fans who can’t hope who is going to play T’Challa are waiting for this update.


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