‘People Are Going To Die’ As The Most Famous Show, Dexter Might Get A Revival To Come Back On Screens


One of the most famous or maybe one among America’s most well-meaning serial killers is coming out again after a long time. 

For the people who don’t know Dexter is a most popular drama about the character names, Dexter Morgan who is a police blood spatter expert. The show made its way to screens between 2006 and 2013 and now it’s been speculated that the show will make its way to screens again.

Although, we saw Dexter (starred by Michael C. Hall) was presumed dead as his boat got capsized during a hurricane in the finale but in the last few minutes he came back living a quiet, solitary life working for a lumber company in Oregon.

“We’re moving forward to an ending that will be, as Chekhov said, surprising but inevitable,” says executive producer Clyde Phillips.

Eight years have already passed after his revival and now Dexter is in a new locale for which Clyde Phillips hinted by saying “somewhere we’ve never seen him before,” who will be starting the production for the movie in January 2021.

Talking more about the movie, it’s been said that the cast members will remain the same and maybe a new character might be added who will be Dexter’s now teenage son who is speculated to be named Harrison. Again, we will see him battling against the character à la John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer or Jimmy Smits’ murderous ADA Miguel Prado from the series.

For now, further details like the releasing schedule, other cast members haven’t been revealed officially, however, reports say that the show might return in 2021. We will be updating you as soon as things get confirmed, so continue to stick to our site to get more updates in the future.


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