There is notion in the industry that Perry Mason is going to exist only as a miniseries on the network. But this notion is dispelled after the Executive Vice President of HBO Programming Francesca Orsi announced the renewal of the second season of the series. He also added that it had been an exciting journey to have worked with the talented team behind Perry Mason. 

It is reported that the renewal might be based on the quality of the show as it is graded 77% average score and has been receiving plenty of critical praises for the great depression era being portrayed in a stylish way to a classic franchise.

The characters are based on the America’s most legendary criminal defense lawyer Perry mason created by Erle Stanley Gardner who in the city of Los angles pursuits the truth to reveal the dismantled city and helps to find a pathway to redemption for him. 


Perry is presented with the biggest case which involves solving an child kidnapping case which is highly complex and he takes the support of his friends Della Street and Paul Drake. This case comes as vent for him after the depression and the trauma he undergoes after World War I and he becomes a private gumshoe.

The official news of the renewal of Perry Mason for the second came from a press release from HBO stating that the eight episode miniseries are turned into a new continuous story for HBO.

The 1.7 million viewers across various platforms of this premiere gave a leap to series exceeding the viewership of both Watchmen and the Outsider which was 1.5 million and 1.2 million respectively. There were 8 million views for the first episode.

With the great news of the renewal there is speculation on the release date of the season two to be in the latter part of 2021 if the production starts sometime later this year. 

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