‘Persona’: Trailer For HBO Max Doc Chronicles Influence, Growing Dangers Of Personality Tests


The Dark Truth Behind Personality Tests: Persona upcoming on HBO Max is found to be exploring history. This is what we are not aware of and also it shows the growing dangers surrounding it. Seemingly with this also innocuous Myers–Briggs personality test.

It was created earlier in the mid-20th century during the early period by Isabel Briggs Meyers. More to this the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator comes with an ability that classifies participants. This classification is based on sixteen different types of personality tests. 

All these personalities are symbolized by four letters that lie within INTJ to ENFJ. A deep dive has been taken into how the history and beginning of this personality test by Tim Travers Hawkins. 

This personality test helps and forms a way to identify oneself as a “dangerous tool.” A tool with their clear personality in the powerful hands. 

According to an interview subject in the trailer this tests being used for mostly one reason that’s to make decisions about who’s unworthy and who’s worthy.

On March 4, the doc will be premiered on HBO Max. Apart from this, it will also raise a slew of conscientious questions. This question will be mostly regarding some of the personality tests that might cause more harm than good. Harm will be somewhat in the region like impacting online dating matches or in crucial job prospects. 

Persona, produced by Dorothy Street Pictures will show us the profound ways that give us the idea about personality which shapes our society. 

In association with CNN Films, Persona was delegated by HBO Max and produced by Julia Nottingham for DSP. Additional to this Persona project was written by Mark Monroe. 

The Personality Brokers by Merve Emre is the book from which Persona being introduced and formulated. Merve Emre is also named among the executive producer of the doc. Do you have any questions regarding this read? Share with us and let us know your suggestions on what to bring next.


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