Pharrell Launches Podcasting Network OTHERtoneMedia


Pharrell Williams ( ), American singer, recently launched a new podcast called “Othertone Media”.  The podcast will be co hosted by Scott Verner and Fam-Lay. 

What we know about the podcast so far?

This is supposedly a weekly podcast with new episodes dropping every Monday. The first episode will drop this Monday December 7. The podcast is being described as a go to place to find out what is in the “minds of our culture’s unicorns” i.e. the number one people in various entertainment fields.

The team has already released a list of “unicorns” we can see in this podcast they include-  Zendaya, Rosalía, Malcolm Gladwell, Kenya Barris, Clairo, Eric Andre, Harmony Korine, Tristan Harris, and Jaron Lanier!

Pharrell himself talked about his thoughts on his new venture with the press. “We’re excited to use OTHERtone as a platform to share inspiration with people at a time when inspiration is scant,” Pharrell said. “We want people to be inspired by the people who inspire us.”

Pharrell’s new skincare line!

This is not the only side project Pharrell is working on. He also recently released a new skin care line called “Humanrace”. You can check out the products here-

As of now, only the basics of skincare- cleanser, scrub and moisturiser has been released. But we can expect the line to grow further. Pharrell himself made a video of him using his products for promotion. You can find it here-

We hope you found reading the news fun!

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