Phyllis Vance did this worst thing in The Office.

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You often don’t think of pure evil in the universe of “The Office” when it comes to the hopeless escape from the struggling workforce of Dunder Mifflin. You can assume that Dwight is the face of evil in the programme with his ardent desire to take over the office of Michael as a tiny dictator. However, what if we told you the complete wickedness of Dunder Mifflin was hidden from the naked, sweet-soft person behind who, in truth, masked narrowness, bitterness, and despite? May we portray Phyllis Vance as one of the absolute worst persons in the world of “The Office” by her deeds.

Jim takes Dwight in the passionate hug of Angela in Season 3 episode, “The Negotiation.” Despite his battle with Dwight, Jim decides to maintain his expertise, but Phyllis certainly doesn’t. Phyllis and Angela have mixed from the very start, as much as oil and water. Angela often complains about Phyllis at all times. Since Angela is an ice queen, the audience tends to support Phyllis. However, Phyllis first chose Angela, a married woman who had adulterous relationships with Dwight, to undermine this information and power.

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Things boil during the “Moroccan Christmas” episode 5 when Phyllis is holding the office Christmas party. As the chairman of the party organising committee, she says that Angela does one humiliating chore, starting from preparing for Meredith a plate of hummus and bread, to force her to take over the Christmas tree and the birth scene to command her to put them back. Angela rejects at last, and when her secret Angela says Phyllis threatens to expose it, she doesn’t care anymore. Phyllis starts to depart and appears to have been chastened to tell the whole workplace that Dwight and Angela sleep together.

Although Phyllis is the sweetest and kindest person, he’s the worst type of bureau worker: someone who goes along in the party line and looks up to the party but has reticence and expectation to undermine or get power at the perfect moment. Even Angela, with a highly judgely and aggressive attitude, was experiencing the last season’s emotional progress, whereas Phyllis just appeared to be objectively worse. Although many “The Office” characters sometimes have been raw, insensitive and uneducated, the acts of Phyllis, in this case, are malicious, pure and straightforward. Phyllis Vance proved to be the absolute worst with her behaviour towards Angela.

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