Pig – Complete Details On Release Date, Casting And Plotline – What We Know So Far

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Nicolas Cage has appeared in a number of films. With the exception of 2020 (because of reasonable pandemic reasons), Cage appears in roughly four or five films every year, according to his IMDb profile. As a result, it’s conceivable that he’ll start appearing in films with similar themes.

Another aspect you’ll note about Cage’s current career path is that he’s starred in a lot of horror films, many of which have received critical acclaim. In “Mom and Dad,” Cage and Selma Blair portray two murderous parents, as something from the beyond warps the brains and bodies of Cage and his family in an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s novel.

“Color Out of Space” by H.P. Lovecraft. In the “Five Nights At Freddy’s”-style flick “Willy’s Wonderland,” the actor also had a quiet part battling off frightening animal mascots.

But the horror film “Mandy,” in which a lumberjack’s wife is abducted and tortured by a deranged hippie cult, leaves the lumberjack (played by Cage) with no option but to exact brutal retribution, is perhaps Cage’s most well-known from the previous decade.

If you replace a wife with a treasured pig, you get the fundamental idea for Nicolas Cage’s forthcoming film “Pig.” Everything you need to know about this strange storey is right here (or is that “tail”).

Pig – Release Date

“Pig” may appear weird at first glance, but it contains at least one real-life element to its narrative, making it analogous to a number of other films slated to be released in 2021. The movie was originally scheduled for release in 2020.

“Pig” began principal production on September 23, 2019, and the picture was picked up by Neon for release in the United States in May 2020. According to Variety, there was a bidding war for the picture despite the fact that the United States was still early in the year-long quarantine that banned film production and kept cinemas shuttered.

While most other movies had opted straight on digital and sought to launch in theatres amidst a shrinking audience, Nicolas Cage’s newest is being released during a fairly competitive era when people are slowly braving staying in a cinema for two hours.

In the United States, “Pig” will be released in cinemas on July 16, 2021, just over a month after its trailer was published.

Source: Variety

Pig – Casting

The casts of horror films are highly important. If you’ve ever watched “Troll 2” or “The Room” (or “Cathy’s Curse,” if you’re a genuine terrible horror movie aficionado), you know that the wrong actors may rescue or destroy a quirky screenplay.

Conversely, even for the best horror movies of any and all time would not have been recalled as fondly if the actors who starred in them had not been cast. What would “Rosemary’s Baby” look like without Mia Farrow? What would “The Exorcist” look like without Linda Blair? For example, “Halloween” without Jamie Lee Curtis.

We obviously knew Nicolas Cage stars in “Pig,” which is fantastic. Cage’s erratic, unpredictable energy can accentuate anything in a scary script. Cage is a big part of why the “Color Out of Space” adaption is so scary. People would also be less likely to revisit the utterly weird version of “The Wicker Man” if it weren’t for Nicolas Cage.

But Nicolas Cage is just one actor, and he’s not even the main reason “Pig” is causing such a stir among horror enthusiasts.

Alex Wolff plays Amir alongside Nicolas Cage. If Wolff’s name seems familiar, it’s because he starred as Peter in Ari Aster’s already-legendary family horror thriller “Hereditary” in 2018. Even if you’ve never watched “Hereditary,” you’re probably aware that many horror fans consider it to be the finest horror picture of the previous fifteen years, on par with “The Exorcist,” “Rosemary’s Baby,” and the original “The Wicker Man.”

Wolff has roles in two forthcoming horror films: “Pig” and “Old,” which is directed by M. Night Shyamalan. In other words, if Alex Wolff appears in a horror film, there’s a high chance it’ll be excellent. In addition to Adam Arkin (“Get Shorty,” “Sons of Anarchy”), David Knell (“Splash,” “Total Recall”), and Nina Belforte, who recently finished filming an adaptation of Emily Bront’s “Wuthering Heights,” “Pig” has a variety of other fascinating characters.

Pig – Plotline

If you’ve not kept up with Nicolas Cage’s career, the term “‘Mandy,’ but it’s a pig instead of a wife” may be meaningless to you. To describe in more culturally appropriate words, “Pig” is “John Wick,” and with a pig rather than a dog as the protagonist.

Now that the first (and perhaps only) trailer for “Pig” has been out, we have a good idea of what the plot is all about. Nicolas Cage portrays Rob, a truffle hunter who stays alone at Oregon forests with his treasured truffle pig. The two are well-known, and we get the impression from the trailer that Rob used to be a well-known chef in Portland.

We get a peek of his past before he became a truffle hunter in the woods, and it appears that he has lost several family members, similar to John Wick.

Whenever anyone goes to Rob’s home in the woods, assaults him, then flees with his pig, things take a turn for the worst. What happened to Rob’s prized pig? That is the central question of the film. It’s unclear if the film would include any otherworldly horror aspects or will just tell the narrative of an ordinary Joe who will go to any length to get his pig.

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