Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Script Brewing Amid Lockdown


Pirates of the Caribbean was an adaptation from Disney World theme park and Disneyland and ride. The rides’ name was exactly the same and had a character named, Captain Jack Sparrow. The movie premiered first in 2003 and has crossed almost two decades. If you are looking for the latest news updates on Pirates of the Caribbean 6, then you have landed at the right place.

Starting the first film, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The movie had an alluring star cast including Johnny Depp essaying the character of Jack Sparrow. Orlando Bloom played Bill Turner and Keira Knightley brought Elizabeth Swann’s character to life. The movie collected $650 million across the globe. 

Release date 

Disney has been brewing the content of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 for almost a year. In 2018, Deadpool writer Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese were given to helm the ship. Later, news daily reported that Chernobyl fame Craig Mazin along with Ted Elliott (Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4) are working on the script. 

The rumor wheels are churning that by year-end the script would complete. Thus, the anticipations are ripe that after 2017, 2021 might be the year for the release. However, the news is not confirmed. 

The Cast 

Pirates of the Caribbean movie is unimaginable without Jack Sparrow. Therefore, Johnny Depp is affirmed for the movie. The female lead of the movie is speculated to go in Karen Gillian’s kitty. She has already starred in Guardians of the Galaxy series and is part of the Jumanji franchise. 

The rumors have it that Zac Efron is likely to play young Jack Sparrow. In 2017, Kaya Scodelario (Carina Smyth daughter of Captain Barbossa) confirmed that she would be doing one more movie, and thus in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, we are expecting her as well. Lastly, Orlando Bloom might also make his way back in this part of the movie. 

Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Script Brewing Amid Lockdown

The plot of Pirates of the Caribbean 6: 

In the immediate last part, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ post-credits revealed that Captain Davy Jones (Bill Nighy), the Flying Dutchman, sneaks inside Elizabeth and Will’s room while they are asleep. 

She wants to attack but vanishes in thin air. Will feels he is hallucinating, but the barnacles tell a different story altogether. However, the fact lies that Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has never followed a rigid timeline. The anticipations of the upcoming story also reveal that there would be a whole new pivotal character star in the moving sidelining Jack Sparrow’s younger version. There are many theories circulating the plot, but we are waiting for the team to put a stand on one. 

The trailer of Pirates of the Caribbean 6:

Due to the pandemic, the work was a complete halt. However, if the scripting completes soon, there could be a bleak chance that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 official trailer might drop by year-end. 



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