Planetina from Rick and Morty season 5 sounds familiar; do you know why?

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Season 5 “Rick and Morty” shows no signs to halt the show’s oddly references and unpredictable plot points. For example, the title of the third episode, ‘A Rickconvenient Mort,’ turns out to be a play in the award-winning documentary on climate change, “An Inconvenient Truth”, from Al Gore’s Academy.

“The Rickconvenient Mort” is full of the traditional extraneous frivolity of the programme. Still, its main theme is introducing the purposefully obvious and slightly corny expiration Planetina of the Captain Planet, the environmental-controllable superhero of the 1990s.

Planetina begins as little as a loving woman – with standards like “Rick and Morty,” anyway – nods to the original, but it eventually develops a connection with Morty. Once every major stereotype related to the original character has been thoroughly deconstructed, the show ends with a killing, renegade ecoterrorist.

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The quick development of Planetina from a cliché to a heartbreaking evil implies that the part for the voice actor is highly tough. You might have noticed her voice sounds similar since “Rick and Morty” was one of the best voices in the company when it came to voicing Planetina.

Fans from the earlier success story of “Rick and Morty,” the “Community,” Dan Harmon co-creator would have immediately identified that the actress Alison Brie, starring as Annie Edison in the programme, is speaking to Planetina. Naturally, in Netflix’s “GLOW,” Brie has a high performance whose roles include Pete Campbell’s long-suffering wife, Trudy, in the AMC drama “Mad Men.” However, Brie is the most successful of all. She is also a seasoned voice actress, whom you might remember as Diane Nguyen in “Bojack Horseman” on Netflix, and as Unikitty in “Lego Movie” and its sequel.

Brie’s skill in vocalising emotions from deep sorrow to wrath unbounded with the same taste — and in the span of one syllable if required — makes her the perfect candidate to speak the combustible Planetina. She also has a past working experience with Harmon and has been eager to engage in a long-term voice role. With this knowledge in mind, it is quite likely that Planetina may continue to develop in the future from the one-note parody of Captain Planet to the fully-fledged hazardous persona.

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