Police organization criticizes Democratic US Senator for a call to disarm and defund officers of ‘weapons of war’.



  • President James R. Guido asked US Senator Ed Markey to resign from his post.
  • MPA executive director James Machado said that Markey made it personal.
  • Massachusetts Democrat’s tweet said that officers should be defunded and disarmed.

Inside Story

President James R. Guido, who is the head of the oldest police organization stated that Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass should resign from his post after the progressive leaders to call to disarm police officers of weapons of wars.

On September 18, 2020, Massachusetts Police Association President James R. Guido wrote a letter to the U.S. senator and expressed his views. He said that he supported him in his entire career in Congress.

Furthermore, he added that he no longer supports him and wants the senator to step down from his post because he is out of touch with the citizens of America.

Markey called out to disarm and defund police to the public. MPA executive director James Machado said that Markey’s call has not only angered but also disappointed the 18,000 members of the organization.

Director Machado continued that the US Senator made it personal. Markey believes that police should not be allowed to use rubber bullets and tear gas. But after the event at Lafayette Park, the Secret Service stated that it did not use tear gas.

On September 14, he Massachusetts Democrat tweeted that Portland officers used brute force to attack the peaceful protestors. The post also said that the officers must be disarmed and called the police department in the US of weapons of wars.

The post continued that bean bag rounds, plastic, and rubber bullets, and tear gas should be banned nationwide. Markey’s campaign stated that the police officers are missing the point of his position.

John Walsh, who is Markey’s Campaign Manager, showed concern in a statement about eliminating weapons of war from communities and neighborhoods. He also added that the Chemical Weapons Convention, which is signed by the U.S. bans the use of riot control agents, including tear gas in warfare.

According to the sources, Markey is fresh off a Democratic primary victory after defeating Rep. Joe Kennedy III. It was the first statewide loss for a Kennedy in Massachusetts. The Republican challenger dived into Markey’s controversy to make him loose and mark him as the pro-police alternative.

Final Verdict

Kevin O’Connor commented on Markey’s remarks that he wants to diminish officers, and he knowingly insulted the police forces. He continued that Markey’s motive was not only to diminish them but also not give a chance to defend themselves in terms of stature they hold in the United States.

He lastly added that Markey has no respect for law enforcement and their cops.

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