Horses are magnificent creatures who are also very good friends of humans just like dogs. There are historical evidences that horses have carried back their masters to safety when they were wounded in the battle grounds. Taking care of horses is like an art and sadly gamers who like horses do not have dedicated horse games to play. They have come up with their own solution though!


It is not like that that there are no horse simulator games available in the gaming market. There are but one would want to jump down their balcony upon seeing the graphics and game play of these so called horse simulators. Horse lovers who are gamers as well want to play games like RDR2, the game which has one of the most realistic horse behaviors coding out there.

Horse lovers have often praised the game for the way the horses behave on the game. They say the horses are very detailed and it is fun to use them to move about in the game. Sadly the role of the horses in the game is limited to transportation only and horse lovers want more than that. Video game producer Alice Ruppert understands the horse lovers perfectly as she herself is a horse lover.

She says that right now the best solution is to use Mods of existing games like RDR2, The Sims 3, Minecraft and ARK. Many fans have made dedicated facebook groups and game servers within these above mentioned games where exclusive horse based game play takes place.

Now you know where to go to experience god horse based game play. What are you waiting for then? Go and have fun!


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