Power Book II_ Ghost Recap_ Cash Money Millionaires

Power Book II_ Ghost Recap_ Cash Money Millionaires
Power Book II_ Ghost Recap_ Cash Money Millionaires

Power Book II: Ghost is a spinoff of the crime thriller Power which premiered in Starz Network. The show (Power) had a whopping score of 8.2/10 on IMDb and 8.6/10 on TV.com. The run from 2014 to February 2020.

The spin-off doesn’t seem to have such a great reception. The plot follows the story of Tariq St. Patric, the 18-year-old son of the deceased protagonist of Power James St. Patric. Tariq is forced back into becoming a drug dealer after he realizes that he has to pay for his mother’s defense attorney as she is stuck in the prison.

The Stranger

This episode we see how Tasha and Tariq are more like James himself. Tariq is forced to tutor a star basketball student Zeke in order to stay in college. He also attends an interview to get into an accelerated program that would allow him to graduate early. 

He manages to get the top attorney Maclean’s deal, who finds a big potential in the St. Patrick’s case. In the end, Tasha reveals that she was the one who ordered Tommy Egan to kill her ex-husband. That’s when Maclean demands that payment of $450k from Tariq.

Exceeding Expectations 

The name of the episode is quite an irony given that Tariq manages to blow up his first class at the canonical program without having done the readings assigned. He then delivers his father’s eulogy and his mother tries to hug him before the cops pull her away. He manages to send her the morning after pills she asked for. We also learn that Monet is sleeping with a cop to find out more information regarding Tariq.

Play the Game

Riq again gets into trouble with one of his canonical class professors and ends up failing the test. He forges a partnership with Monet and assures her that her identity will never pop up and she agrees with his drug-dealing contract.

Meanwhile, Tasha is put through some fake trials by Maclean. Though she seems to be doing fine in the beginning, she messes it up by the end. So we still have a long way to go on that front.

Monet’s relationship with the cop gets strained after their encounter with the cops and much to her distress she finds a burner phone with Diane.

The Prince

Tariq learns about another accelerated program in Washington DC, where Lauren’s boyfriend lives, and is very interested in it. Meanwhile, his classmate Lauren invites him to the family dinner.

Tariq also manages to create an app that would secretly sell drugs to the student body. Monet wants to monitor the drug dealing so she sends her son Dru to tag along with Tariq. But Dru ends up getting distracted by a cute guy so Tariq calls Diane to help him with the supply of the drugs. Diane reveals that her normal phone has also been confiscated.

At the dinner party, Tariq learns that Lauren’s parents were a bit of a snob and were obsessed with status and money. Lauren’s boyfriend from DC also turned out to be just her parents’ status symbol. So after dinner, Lauren ends up kissing Tariq.

The money from the app allows Tariq to pay Maclean too. Meanwhile, Saxe is plotting to find out how Tariq is able to pay the bills so that he can use it against the St Patricks in the court.

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