Power of Zeus in Record of Ragnarok explanation


In the deity-defying duels of “Ragnarok’s Record,” mortals and immortals clash. Focusing on a god-funded contest between the most powerful fighters of humanity and the gods of all mythology, the anime shows viewers its vision of people’s most powerful gods. So naturally, without the inclusion of Zeus, the head deity of ancient Greece, the list of strongest gods would not be worthwhile.

While he has many parallels with the real deal, “Ragnarok’s record”, Zeus has few minor differences. First of all, the extermination of humankind seems reasonably impassive. He was one among a number that voted in favour of the apocalypse as President of the Council of Gods. When the Brunhilde Valkyrie recalled the right of humanity to demonstrate its value through the Ragnarok Tournament, Zeus had initially been happy to stand by. However, in the second round, the Greek Pantheon’s father urged that he fight in it. Zeus revealed just why he is titled “God Father of Cosmo” in the next battle against Adam.

Surprisingly, Zeus’ manner of combat in the “Ragnarok record” is not about lightning, storms or wind, but it is a Greek heavenly God. Zeus is a straight brawler instead. His dried and old physics bears an unspendable deposit of strength and velocity, sufficient to exceed Adam’s more remarkable persistence and the capacity to “Eyes of God.” He could even defeat Shiva, Heracles and Ares’ combined strength.

Zeus is already mighty in his usual condition, but God has a second form that dramatically boosts his power if he meets a formidable adversary. Zeus concentrates all of his might in all movement in this form, known as “Adamas.” God can only keep this shape for a bit of time, but he can do his most potent skills during that time. Shiva even said that Zeus’s form was strong enough for Himself to be destroyed.

The Fist that overcame time, Zeus’ most powerful skill, is so blindingly fast that it nearly stops time. In the struggle against Titans, Zeus replicated the powers of the God of time and Kronos. But even without it, Zeus’ True Gods Right-Left, Meteor Jabs and Divine Axis show that they are more than most could do. All in all, the abilities of Zeus justify his condition among all the gods.


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