‘Power Rangers’ Exclusive: It’s The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ of Mighty Morphin’ Team-ups in This ‘Beast Morphers’ Sneak Peek


Rangers, Assemble! 

At the Power Rangers Entertainment Panel during the Hasbro Pulse on, Hasbro just revealed that it’s time for the Power Rangers assemble. 

That’s exactly right! The superheroes will pull off an Avengers: Endgame as they gather together to defeat Evox’s new ally, Goldar Maximus for the third and the final part of the team-up. 


The assembly will take place in the thirteenth episode of Season 2 and will see Beast Morphers Rangers being assisted by Legendary Dino Rangers from Mighty Morphin’, Dino Thunder, and Dino Charge as they take on Goldar.

However, this won’t be the end of Evox’s devious reign. The second season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers still has 7 more episodes in the queue right after the rangers meet up to defeat the monster, and save humanity. How the Beast Morphers defeat Evox, we’ll have to wait till the finale of the second season to find out.

The episode will be titled as Grid Connection and is written by Chip Lynn with a teleplay by Becca Barnes, Alwyn Dale, and Chip Lynn, and directed by Oliver Driver. The thirteenth episode will release on October 24, 2020, on Nickelodeon. 


Playing the esteemed Red Beast Morpher Ranger, Devon Daniels is Rorrie D. Travis. Jazz Baduwalia stars as Ravi Shaw, the Blue Beast Morpher Ranger.

Zoey Reeves, the Yellow Beast Morpher Ranger is played by Jacqueline Scislowski. 

Nate Silva, The Gold Beast Morpher Ranger and Steel, the Silver Beast Morpher Ranger are played by Abraham Rodriguez and Jamie Linehan, respectively.

Randall Ewing voices the antagonist Evox whereas Adrian Smith voices the Goldar Maximus.


To protect the Morph-X which stores the infinite power of the Morphing Grid and provides the city with unlimited clean energy, Grid Connection, a secret agency creates a team of Power Rangers by combining Morph-X and animal DNA.

After the powers of Morph-X, Evox, a computer virus from another dimension ploys multiple ways to get his hands on the energy source. From using the original candidates’ Blaze and Roxy who are in a coma as villainous avatars to getting assistance from the second-in-command Scrozzle, Evox does everything in his power to return to Earth. 

The second season sees Evox possess Mayor Daniels and capture Morph-X whilst defeating the Power Rangers who are standing in his way.


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